Progress At A Glance

Single window overview of claim details. Analyse and track claims based on claim status. Client & contractor details. Age & days tracker. Customise calendar notifications & reminders. Direct access to Google Maps.

Monitor & Measure Progress

Create claims & manage existing claims. Verify roles (e.g. Admin, Claim Handler, Builder, Loss Adjuster, Broker, Manager) & their attributes.
Calculations based on scope of work.
Add actions, documents & pricing, Customer notifications through email & text messages.
Upload photos and reports.

A Smarter

Add reminder alerts for staff
Tracking pop-up notifications
Reminders based on month, week & day
Automatic redirect when clicking on the claim number

Feature by feature

Benefit of using the ClaimAssess Database Solution

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Key Performance Indicators

KPIs in CA strategically track different objectives and procedures. Have the selection all in one place, accessible to the client, designer and the construction team. Allows easy approval of client’s choices, integration with change orders and more. Whether it is tenders, average summaries of open claims, estimator, trades and more.

Claim Actions Reports

This feature enables a builder to track and summarise all actions related to a claim. Tasks can be synchronised with project schedules and developed into reports: which are strategic, intelligent and speak in a language that everyone can understand.

Build Scope Of Works

A scope of works is a written request that customers make for specific items or services. Here the application captures the work order number, payment terms, job description, unit price, subtotal, applicable taxes, total cost etc. The order may also include the quantity, details on equipment or spare parts required and the specific item numbers.

Tracking Claim History

This feature enables you to summarise actions, dashboards and document history for a Claim. Enter the data once and then use it in everything the application does.

Email Notifications

Communication is the core of every successful project. With CA, we use SendGrid API: the market leader in email deliverability. It is a powerful cloud-based solution that sends transactional emails to multiple customers, lessening the stress placed on customer email infrastructure.

Reporting Using Templates

Generating a report is simple: select the template and customise what you want to see or show. Report templates are tailor-made to your requirements and can be viewed through PDF templates!


Available on both Android and iOS phones

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